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System Administration

Fundamentally, system administration is the job of making sure your servers do the work you need, and do it well.  The specifics vary from site to site, but often include:

  • Automating and monitoring production jobs
  • Installing and upgrading software 
  • Checking hardware error logs 
  • Establishing back-up procedures
  • Automating manual tasks
  • Administrating User-IDs and printers
  • Managing E-mail (sendmail, postfix, etc.) and web servers (i.e. apache)
  • Transmitting data between servers and mainframes or between corporate servers and those of business partners
  • Establishing and documenting operations procedures 
  • Developing and testing disaster recovery plans
  • Scripting (PERL, Korn Shell/ksh, BASH, C shell/csh, and many more)

Typically Martin Consulting Services Inc. provides system administration services such as these on Unix systems (such as AIX, Linux, HP-UX, and Solaris).  We also have experience with the Windows environment and background knowledge of IBM mainframes.  

One aspect that differentiates Martin Consulting Services Inc. from other firms is our focus on overall productivity.  We automate as many of the system support tasks as possible to help reduce man-hours.  When appropriate, we try to empower the end-users so they can resolve problems on their own.  We write our scripts to automatically adapt to changing system configurations, to be easily maintained, to thoroughly detect errors, and to document their own executions.  These techniques and others help everyone produce more work in less time, with fewer problems.  We know how to make your systems run consistently well.


We have experience with over twenty languages, most recently including the various Unix shells, PERL, and C.  We write programs to be dependable, flexible, and easy to maintain.  Please inquire for further details.


We teach in both public and corporate settings, to large groups, small groups, and one-on-one.  Customers have always been very pleased with our training sessions.  Past courses have included such diverse topics as Korn Shell scripting, accelerated Visual Basic programming, and Microsoft Outlook.  If you need a course presentation, please contact us so we may discuss your needs.

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